6 things to Consider Before Starting your First Job as a Teacher

“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill a love of learning”

-Brad Henry


     Its all about pouring out your thoughts in the class

So finally you have what it takes to feel secure. All your efforts have paid result and you are hired for an institution as a teacher who’ll mould hundreds of minds .

But, is that it?

Are you prepared to join a school as a teacher?

Upon some self-introspection you’ll be forced to ask these troublesome questions from yourself. Not to deny the fact, that clearing the interview and securing the appointment letter were the most critical and significant steps. But there are some basic yet crucial things you need to keep in mind before you join the institution and start teaching.

Teaching is one of the simplest yet the most trickiest job in this world which demands creativity and dedication to go hand in hand. On one hand a teacher deals with the pressure of imparting knowledge to the students with mixed abilities and on the other hand he stands proud in the crowd, even if a single one excels and produces results. A teaching job may seem simple to those who observe, but there are numerous ways a teacher prepares himself/herself before taking a class. To start your career as a teacher who is well received, you can consider the six points listed below.


  • Be very clear about your attitude. With a hard headed approach you should always make it clear, what kind of teacher you want to be. If being stringent and strict suits you then move forth, without giving it a second thought. If being a lenient teacher, who finds his way amongst the students through funny jokes is your thing, then go for it with full throttle. Crux is, you need to be clear regarding your attitude.


  • Carry out a thorough research at your end. You should have a basic idea regarding the institution you are about to join. Get in touch with your colleagues and your employer. Ask questions regarding the past performance of the students you are being assigned. This will enable you to think about your approach accordingly.


  • Prepare a brief introduction. It is very necessary for the students to know you, the best way they can. You should prepare a brief introduction outlining your achievements in your subject. Good oration is a teacher’s prime attribute. So try and convey your thoughts in the best way you can whilst introducing yourself. Be prepared for questions (even the most naïve ones) that the students might ask and remember to answer in the most calm way possible. Explain the course organization you’ll be following, major assignments, workload and policies.


  • Remember to be dressed aptly. Considering the fact, that it is an educational institution you are hired for, choose the most decent clothes out of your wardrobe. Look smart and carry yourself properly, because it’s your personality that will influence you students the most. Try to pick clothes which are comfortable yet not outdated. Of course, you don’t want to be the laughing stock amongst your students.


  • Plan to use at least one teaching method you’ll be putting into application during the course. This will not only provide an opportunity to test your method but will also put your innovation and creativity into use. Try and include active learning in this process. Prepare notes to organize group discussions during your first class. Plan your class to be interactive and interesting enough for the attendance to stay right. Prepare collaterals if necessary to support your thoughts and ideas.


  • Arrive on or before time. Being late and in a hurry is the last thing you would want on the first day of your class. Moreover, being punctual will help your students to form a high opinion regarding you.


Keeping in mind the points stated above, teaching can become the most fun job ever. Happy teaching



Author Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. His latest article focusses on things to be kept in mind before starting a job as a teacher. Reach him at



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